Friday, December 2, 2011

Another medication to try

Today I saw my doctor at Physical Medicine and Rehab.  The appointment well.  As expected, things are still in somewhat of holding pattern, until I get through more of  my therapies. 

However, I am feeling better than yesterday after having a long talk with my doctor.  She decided to change my attention/concentration medication to something stronger.  The hope is that if my brain can work more efficiently during the day, it will have more energy to heal at night while I'm asleep.  She thinks this will also continue to help me get out of the brain fog. 

I'm so glad I have found such a great doctor.  She really listens to me and helps me to understand PCS better.  It feels good to talk to someone who gets it and have my thoughts validated.  (Not that the people in my life aren't supportive, THEY ARE WONDERFUL!, but they don't have the intimate knowledge of what it feels like on the inside to have PCS). 

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