Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Lord is kind & merciful

As hard as it gets sometimes, I can't thank the Lord enough for the rocks he's placed in my life. 

Yesterday, my best friend took me for a massage and lunch, for her birthday.  And yet, this is how it's always worked.  Truly more than a best friend, it's the kind of relationship where we can get caught up in life and the minute something comes up, we can pick up the phone and are already on the same page again.  Knowing how hard things have been for me, she took this opporunity to take me out and pamper me and just have a normal lunch with a friend.  Exactly what someone like me needs once in a while.  She found something that I could handle, picked me up and gave me a few hours where my brain wasn't my main focus.  Such a wonderful afternoon.  I guess that's what 22 years of friendship can do :)

And then there's my other rock.  My main rock.  My forever argyle anchor.  I am so incredible blessed.  Yesterday, while I was with Jenn he was working in our garden.  I then came home and napped the day away.  Today, he took me to breakfast at Brueggers (again, somewhere I can handle, quiet, low lighting, but got me out of the house).  He got us through the grocery store in 15 minutes, despite needing a full order. (The grocery store is my own personal hell, so loud, noisy, bright, overstimulating.)  Yet he made me feel like I had a productive morning by going along on this short trip.  Another round of napping, to wake up and have help around the house.  (Much needed, as I got sick after just dusting our bedroom.)  Another nap and dinner was waiting for me.

He's the rock God placed in my life to get me through all this.  I honestly don't know where I would be at this point, without him. 

Thank you Lord.

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