Friday, October 21, 2011

A much needed breath of fresh air :)

I spent the day babysitting Geoff's nephew today.  Definitely a lot more busyness than I'm used to at this point.  However, it was a wonderful, fulfilling day anyway. 

As is typical when I get involved with busyness,  my symptoms have been flairing all day.  (Deb & Missy keep reading!  Our boy was in good hands all day, and its ALWAYS worth it for me!)  But like any other day, I'm still exhausted (remember it's after 3pm afterall.)  I will inevitably suffer tonight for such a busy day.  However....

It was soooo good to take care of someone other than myself for once.  I wasn't stuck at home all day with just my brain and my dog.  At times it was really tiring and headachy, but well worth it to have someone other than my dog look at me.  And unlike the dog, a 9 month old laughs, giggles, makes faces, cuddles, and seeks out interaction from me. 

Despite my ears ringing and all that will come with it, I haven't felt this uplifted in spirit in a long time! It felt nice to be needed for a while, rather than being the needy one. Now if only he could give me some of his developing brain matter to redue whatever whent wrong up there! ;-)

Missy-  The whole symptoms thing I'm used to after 7 months, I'll be good by morning, so don't worry about it!! Also, I don't plan on stealing your son's grey matter.   However, I may have to steal him once in a while for a mood booster :)

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